Different Wayfinding Topics

Global Village:

Global Village is one of the largest tourism, leisure, and entertainment project in the world that is located in Dubai. It claims to be the region’s first cultural, entertainment, family and shopping destination. It has over 5 million visitors per year in an area of 17,200,000 sq. ft. The global village started out in a form of a number of kiosks back in 1996 located o the Creek Side opposite to Dubai Municipality. Then it moved to the Oud Metha Area for 5 years in a row. Now, Global Village is located in Dubai Land. People tend to go there to either shop for unique products, enjoy playing games, or simply taste the delicious food there that comes from all around the world.
Being a person that goes there at least once a month made me realize all the “Desire Paths” that were created in the entire village. A desire path is a path that is created and usually represents the most sufficient and easy short cut route from one point to another. The path’s width can be determined according to how much traffic a path can receive. It can also be referred to as desire line, game trail, and social trail. Half of the Global Village’s land is green areas and it’s mostly covered with grass. This means that no matter how hard the workers try to maintain the area and keep it green, they will end up failing.
In order to make an area look appealing to the visitor’s eyes, a designer would automatically include huge green areas and flowers to the land. But this would mean that in a few months, the grass would eventually disappear and become all sandy and dull again. My suggestion would be to eliminate 50% of the green areas and keep it only on the areas where people don’t tend to walk or pass by the most, or include fences around the corners.

Bathroom Signage at Park Hayat:

This would be a smaller section of the blog, but I just wanted to include this because the design of the bathroom sign looked interesting to me. I went out to have dinner with my friends at the hotel in Saadiyat Island and as I was walking to the bathroom, I saw the signs and they caught my attention. They looked very sleek, clean and elegant, and that’s how the designer of the place wanted the customers to feel like.


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