Class Trip to Dubai

First of all, I really enjoyed the class trip we had. It was a great bonding time with both the professor and the classmates. As for the trip, we first went to the Etihad Museum, and it was absolutely beautiful. I have noticed that there was a smooth and clear/clean kind of theme to the building. Everything looked connected, they used the same color scheme for the entire building.

The building is designed to look like a folded paper, and it had 7 giant pens in gold to represent the 7different emirates. That idea seemed brilliant to me, where a designer creates a building with a story that connects with the art in the building. There were a lot of huge windows which, in my opinion, resembled the hope and the bright future of this beautiful country.
Across the building, you can see different quotes of the UAE leaders as well as parts of the constitution. It was beautifully designed and placed at the right places for the visitors to clearly see. The calligraphy was truly breathtaking and forced every one of us to stare at it.


As we were deciding on where should we take the group picture, the professor pointed out that we could actually recreate the picture of the leaders of the 7 emirates. And surprisingly, we were seven people in total which made the picture even more “believable”.

And at the end, we enjoyed our food at an Italian restaurant called Taste of Italy, the food was very tasty and delicious.



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