Signage for the Arts Center

The Arts Center is known to be a very complex building compared to the other buildings on NYUAD Campus. It has different theaters, venues, and workshops laid out all over the building. As a result, the complex design lacks important way-finding strategies which tend to make the guests lost and confused. To make it easier for both the students and the guests, the “Finding The Way” students were in charge of creating pictograms for multiple problems. Some of the problems cover the toilets, balcony, exits, and places of the performance.

As I started planning the designs and the theme, I wanted to know what color schemes I should design my pictograms with. The first color that I knew I had to use is the maroon color that is used for the Arts Center logo.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 2.20.18 AM

Later on, I tried to at least add two more colors to play with. I decided to get inspired by the website as well as the building itself. The second most common color was blue and then followed by black. So I came to the conclusion that maroon, blue and black would be the colors that I’ll be using for my pictograms.

Since it’s an Arts Center, I wanted to create something simple yet clear for the guests and the visitors. I wanted to include geometric shapes such as triangles and circles to make it look “artsy”. Using the same usual pictograms that you get to see everywhere wouldn’t look as creative in my opinion, so I wanted to add a twist to it by redesigning the pictograms and making them my own original pictograms.

While the designing process started, the toilets signage was the first thing to be designed, we had to design toilet pictograms for each sex separately as well as family toilets.

As for the seats on the balcony, I included one for the elevator and another for the stairs to lead the visitors.

Since guests can get confused on where the performance would be, I had to label the Blue Hall, Black Box, and Red Theater. I made sure to include a sign for where the performance would be. Also, the visitors can be lost after the performance and wouldn’t know where the exit is, so I managed to create a pictogram to cover that problem.

Lastly, I designed instructional signage that tells the guests to switch their phones off, to not bring food or drinks to the performance, and to not film or take pictures of the performance.


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