Pictogram Pitch

In this post I plan to discuss my pictogram series and my reasoning behind it.

Firstly, I would like to talk about the issue that the pictogram addresses. Although not considered an issue of great importance I believe that it is still an issue since this campus is located in the middle of the gulf dessert.

The issue at hand is the distances that an individual goes to go from one end of the campus to the other that is placed outdoors. In the winter this is creates a truly amazing experience. However, in the summer the temperature may reach up to 53 Degrees Celsius and so walking from one end of the campus to the other becomes a cumbersome task.

My solution is to have a portal gun and a target so that individuals can use the portal gun to create a portal from one end of the campus to another.


Pictiogram 1

This pictogram indicates that there is a gun that one must pick up from underneath the image. The gun design is a small nod to Science fiction culture. The ray gun has often been used in many movies and is widely known.

In example. The Goliathon 83 from the popular movie, Dr. Grordbort

Link To image and information 

Furthermore, the concept of portal guns has been popularized to the younger generations through a to series known as Rick and Morty. (seen below)

Image result for rick with portal gun
Rick from rick and Morty holding his portal gun 
Pictogram 2

The ideas of portals have been popularized among youth through computer games, movies and tv shows. Arguably the most influential and informative source of portal concepts has been through the game Portal and Portal 2

Image result for portal 2
Portal 2 

This game uses the concept of portals and portal guns to make the player solve complicated, three dimensional puzzles.  It has sold over 8 Million copies 

Pictogram 3

My choice of using this target system is really quite simple, it is informative, widely known as a target and does not draw too much attention away from the other pictogram as it is black and white and not overly complicated.


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