Impossible Pictogram

I started thinking about this project as soon as professor Goffredo assigned it to us. At first, I didn’t have a clear idea on what pictogram I should create, as well as what problem I should focus on. It was challenging enough to create a familiar and standard pictogram by itself, so for him to assign us to create a pictogram out of the norms was sounded impossible.

Firstly, I started sketching some different ideas that might work for this project, my first idea mainly focused on the emergency door that is located on the first floor in the Art Center. The idea rotates around the bad designing of the location of the emergency door, knowing that this can cause obstacles for people to evacuate safely. And because of that, I started to sketch a pictogram that might work for this problem.screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-2-04-52-pm

Second idea, which is the one I focused on and chose to it to be my creation for this
Project, is about the pathway that a you have to take in order to reach the football field and watch the match. The pathway is really long in distance and looks and feels frightening,

especially at night. So a creative pictogram would be that an alien spaceship is the only way for you to get there in a matter of seconds.

So I started collecting some ideas from the internet on how I can design my pictogram, and here are some of the pictures I got inspired by.

As I was creating it, I thought that it would be interesting and cool to change the typical male pictogram head with an alien head, and so this is the result.


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