Weather Resistant Material.

As a part of the individual projects Josie Gidman had asked me to do some research about a material that would be whether resistant, cheap, easy to print on and easy to implement as a student. 

My suggestion is to use the material that is used in advertising across the United Arab Emirates. This material is called PVC Vinyl and can easily be bought and printed on in the UAE.

Image result for PVC banners


In fact I have found a website that prints and delivers the PVC outdoor vinyl’s. This material can be rolled up without curling which allows it to be easily portable, furthermore the material is able to absorb very high quality ink which prevents it from fading from due to the effect of UV rays. This ink is called UV ink and is resistant to the fading effect of the sun. Some PVC vinyls are meshed. What does meshed mean? It means that the way that the PVC has been woven is with many gaps in-between which will prevent it from being ripped in higher winds. These PVC banners are considered temporary and can be used as a material when proposing an idea to the university board. PVC Banners can resist up to 25MPH winds. The reason that this may work is that the wind is able to pass through the banner itself. For this reason, if the idea has a go ahead from the university board Josie may be able to use a PVC banner that allows up to 70% air flow. This material is also being fire retardant that will abide by any strict regulation that NYUAD and Abu Dhabi building authority puts in place.

Mesh Banners

I was not able to find the local price as the companies require a quote. However  for this American brand it costs $182.00 without shipping if we would like to print a single banner that is 4 meter by 4 meters. This website also offers a 2 year guaranty as well as providing an “scratch resistant eco-solvent ink.”


Websites Used To gather Information.


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