Finding The Way Presentation: The Art Center

Noticing the problem:

Ever since I became a student in this university, I have noticed that the art center has the most complex structure with the most complicated directions inside the building. Somehow it is acceptable and obvious that the Art Center should be more creative than the other buildings because it’s simply an “Art Center”. However, this does not give it the green light to make it more confusing for the visitors and the new students.

I once attended an Art Exhibition called “NYUAD Open Studios” and while I was enjoying the work of other talented students, it took me some time to know where and where not to go, and I ended up getting lost multiple times. But thanks to social media these days, I have noticed that some of my friends took pictures of paintings and sculptures that I didn’t even pass by or even get a chance to take a picture of.

This is my first time to enroll in a class that is in this building, I made sure on last Tuesday to attend class 10 minutes earlier, however, it didn’t go as planned. I did what any normal person would do, which is to look for directions. I found the directions board and it said rooms “101-154” are on your left side, and I followed the directions, but the directions weren’t as helpful as I thought they would be.

As I was following the directions, my mind was automatically observing things. I have noticed that it started with the rooms with the bigger numbers and went down, while usually, the numbers should go in order. That made the building feel like a never ending maze with complex directions.

Wayfinding Solutions:

So because of that, I have decided to use two “wayfinding” strategies which are: Track following and map reading. I would create a huge map on the inside of the building with the room numbers labeled on each room. Since there are two levels in this building, I will create two maps and label them by their level.


And by the Track Following, the building already uses this strategy, however, I will fix the errors of the directions and try to make them as simple as possible.

Also, I would put the directions next to each of the stairs to give the visitors an insight of what rooms to expect when they’re taking the stairs. This somehow also combines the “Route Following” strategy that allows the person to receive information before walking to the second floor.IMG_1884.jpg


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