Campus Wayfinding Ideas

Our class walks around campus have made it obvious that there are countless wayfinding issues here at NYU Abu Dhabi. My list of these issues, taken during our tours, provides only a quick look into the various problems, both small and large:


Unfortunately, not all of the issues on campus can be fixed: many of them are a result of bad architectural design and other permanent aspects. With this in mind, I will provide a short list of a few project ideas. These are a combination of a) my personal preferences, in terms of what I would personally like to work on, and b) what might be possible to do in one semester by a small group of students. I do not have my heart set on any of them, and may be missing or forgetting some other wayfinding issue on campus that I might love to work on. In short, consider the list simply as project ideas/suggestions that would benefit from more discussion and insight. I also look forward to hearing (or reading) about what everyone else in class would be passionate about working on this semester.

Lastly, in regards to how exactly we go about these projects, I believe that it all has to do with project size and feasibility. If it is a very large project, perhaps the whole class should work together. If the class is torn between two different projects, both of manageable sizes, then splitting the class into two groups who will work on two different projects is desirable. In general, I favor smaller groups (2-3 people) over larger ones, but clearly group size should depend primarily on project size.

[Note: Although there are many areas on campus that could benefit from a design makeover, I am under the assumption that as a wayfinding class our project should focus on helping people “find the way” around campus. It is with this assumption that I list the projects below.]

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