Fire Exit Analysis.

This Post will Analyze Two Major Design Flaws of a Rear Facing a Fire Exit in the Art Department

Placing of the Firehose and Fireman Phone Cable Socket 

  • The fire hose reel and the fire extinguisher is placed on the wall of the fire exit, this can present a significant danger as the firemen will have to make their way through the outward flowing traffic. This two-way traffic that is caused by civilians leaving and firemen entering and attempting to use the fire extinguisher, the hose reel and the fireman’s telephone socket can lead to the firemen not being able to do their jobs efficiently.
  •   The solution to this is to place the equipment that is needed for the firemen to do their jobs in a different location. A location that is ideal is somewhere that can be quickly and efficiently accessed. This location Should also be placed away from the fire escape pathway’s.


  • The signage in the hallway adjacent to the fire escape is pointing in the direction of a different fire escape which is at a somewhat similar distance. The problem that this may cause is that the signage that directs individuals to the fire exits will cause the flow of people to be directed to only one exit, leaving an entire exit unused.
  • The solution could be that the signage could indicate that there are two different exits that may be used.

Exit or entrance?

  • In my opinion this fire exit does not necessarily have has many design flaws as one would think.
  • I believe that this exit is no exit at all but rather an entrance for firemen and a staircase for them to have quick and easy access into the building in case of an emergency. This would explain why the door is narrow compared to the other fire exits, the placing of the fire equipment and, lastly, the unidirectional signage in the adjacent hallway.
  • There are still a few design flaws. One being the signage above the door indicating that it is a fire exit and not an emergency entrance. The second flaw being that if my is theory correct the doors themselves have a major design flaw, being that the entrance the building is in the pull mode which causes a slower entrance into the building.  In addition, if this is an entrance there should not be a fire exit sign. The placement of this sign could be to meet government regulation.



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